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Mobility Scooter Accessories You Don’t Want to Live Without

Some mobility scooter accessories are nice to have, like a tiller storage bag, while others are somewhat more essential, like clip-on lights for extra visibility in low light conditions. We’re going to take a quick look at some of the accessories available that will make driving your mobility scooter safer and more convenient.

  • Lights

There are plenty of attachable lights available; some with Velcro and some which clip on. There are bright lights that act as headlights and there are less powerful lights that you can use to provide 360-degree illumination, and which make you more visible to other road users.

Extra lights can be considered essential, especially if you need spectacles to drive or use your scooter to commute to work and have to drive in darkness when winter comes.

  • Lockable storage

Many scooters come with a front basket where you can put some shopping or other necessities. You wouldn’t leave anything in the basket if you have to be away from your scooter, however. A lockable rear storage box gives you a safe place to store some of your belongings should you have to be away from your scooter.

There are universal boxes that fit most scooters but some are designed for specific manufacturers. A locking cargo box that comes in small, medium, and large sizes is one of the best of Pride Mobility’s scooter accessories. KYMOC mobility scooter accessories include a lockable basket, which will keep your items secure no matter the terrain covered.

  • Additional storage options

As mentioned, many scooters come with a front basket, but it’s usually on the small side. You can get larger baskets for the front and back, which attach easily and securely. This allows you a bigger shop or a generous picnic basket.

There are many other options, including:

  • Small to large sized backrest bags that have adjustable straps so you can get the right fit.
  • Backrest cooler bags for your frozen foods and perishable groceries that need to be kept cool. You can also be the designated cold drink carrier at your family reunion picnic.
  • Trailers, which serve as sturdy mobility scooter travel cases, and trailers for standing or sitting passengers.
  • Armrest bags which have pockets to carry your phone, tablet, spectacle case, and other personal items that you’re always fumbling for but can never reach. Depending on the make, it can have zippered pockets and mesh pockets, and front-facing or outside-facing access.
  • Tiller bags with zippered and mesh pockets are also available for small items. You can get saddle bags that fit on the tiller for balanced storage of larger items. Saddle bags that go on either side of the seat can hold even larger items. Wherever you put them on your scooter, the bags must be balanced so you don’t keep veering to one side or topple over.
  • Other mobility scooter accessories, walking stick holders, for example, are available for belongings that don’t fit standard storage bags. Walking stick holders can also be used for crutches and umbrellas. These holders attach to the side or the backrest as do bags designed especially for oxygen tanks.
  • Covers

There are many, many different cover types. At a glance:

  • Ponchos cover you and your scooter while driving in rain, snow, and strong wind.
  • Control Covers to keep the controls dry and your hands warm
  • Sunshades come up from the back and over the top to provide cover – like a tennis umpire’s chair – from the sun, but not the rain. These tend to be brand specific and not universal so you’ll have to ask the agent from whom you bought your scooter.
  • Covers to protect your scooter from inclement weather outdoors and unanticipated damage when stored indoors.
  • Shelters, which are sturdy covers, almost like drive-in garages.
  • Ramps

Again, you have a choice. There are ramps that you can install more or less permanently in your home and there are portable ramps to help you get up and down curbs and which you can take with you to visit friends or stay in holiday accommodation which won’t be kitted out for your scooter. Portable ramps fold up so you can store yours in one of your many bags when you don’t need it. They’re easy to use even if your mobility is severely limited.

  • Rear-view mirrors

Some scooters don’t come with rear-view mirrors; some come with mirrors but they may not be big enough for you or you may not be able to get their positioning right. You can replace or enhance these mirrors with bigger sizes and shapes and which are completely adjustable. There are universal models that fit most mobility scooters and there are brand-specific mirrors; for example, TGA mobility scooter accessories include a mirror for its Supersport range. 

  • Foot rest plates

Foot rest plates are for people whose knees just won’t bend like they used or who need to keep their legs as straight as possible while recovering from an injury. They attach to the foot rests and automatically adjust to the required resting position.

  • Anti-theft alarm

It works like a car alarm so you can switch it on and off via remote. Most makes have a number of sensitivity levels so your alarm won’t go off when kissed by a softly falling leaf but will go off if someone grabs the handlebars and tries to give it a push.

  • USB chargers

To keep up with the times, many mobility scooters now come with USB chargers as an accessory. You can charge your phone, tablet, or ebook reader on-the-go, and if you also buy a smartphone holder, you’ll have somewhere safe to keep it while charging.

You can zhoosh up your scooter with custom paint jobs and quirky accessories, like a locking cargo box painted with the Batman logo or a smiley face on your front bumper. With a little imagination you can imbue your scooter with your personality.

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