We provide 1 year of free insurance with every scooter.


Free insurance for your first year!
    We provide all of our customers with free insurance from Surewise for their first year to keep them safe on their travels.  Please enquire for further details.
    Please find our Frequently Asked Questions below:
    1. How do I charge the scooter?
      • Lead acid batteries & AGM batteries - minimum of 8hr charge every night. You can never overcharge.
      • Lithium Iron Batteries – 8hr charge only.
    1. What are the Benefits of Upgraded Motors and Upgraded batteries?
      • Upgraded motors (where applicable) are intended to handle hills and inclines with more ease.
      • Upgraded Batteries will give you extra distance.
    1. What is my Warranty Period?
      • All Brand-New products come with a 12-month Manufacturer’s warranty on ‘Mechanical Faults’. This does exclude wear and tear, or misuse of product.
      • Tyres are not covered under warranty.
      • Batteries have a 3 month Warranty.
    1. What Distance will my Scooter do?
      • 12-14A/H Batteries can achieve up to 10 miles per full charge.
      • 17-25 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 15 miles per full charge.
      • 35-38 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 20 miles per full charge.
      • 45-50 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 25 miles per full charge.
      • 75-79 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 30 miles per full charge.
      • 100-104 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 35 miles per full charge.
    1. What’s the best way to store the scooter?
      • Scooters always have a longer life span if they’re stored indoors, however many people chose to get Covers or scooter garages if they don’t have indoor storage.
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