1. How do we charge the scooter?
    • Lead acid batteries & AGM batteries - minimum of 8hr charge every night. You can never overcharge.
    • Lithium Iron Batteries – 8hr charge only.
  1. What are the Benefits of Upgraded Motors and Upgraded batteries?
    • Upgraded motors (where applicable) are intended to handle hills and inclines with more ease.
    • Upgraded Batteries will give you extra distance.
  1. What is my Warranty Period?
    • All Brand-New products come with a 12-month Manufacturer’s warranty on ‘Mechanical Faults’. This does exclude wear and tear, or misuse of product.
    • Tyres are not covered under warranty.
    • Batteries have a 3 month Warranty.
  1. What Distance will my Scooter do?
    • 12-14A/H Batteries can achieve up to 10 miles per full charge.
    • 17-25 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 15 miles per full charge.
    • 35-38 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 20 miles per full charge.
    • 45-50 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 25 miles per full charge.
    • 75-79 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 30 miles per full charge.
    • 100-104 A/H Batteries can achieve up to 35 miles per full charge.
  1. What’s the best way to store the scooter?
    • Scooters always have a longer life span if they’re stored indoors, however many people chose to get Covers or scooter garages if they don’t have indoor storage.