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Scooter Covers

Scooter Covers


VAT Relief

This product qualifies for VAT exemption if the person who will use it is ‘chronically sick or disabled’ or if it is being bought by a charity. See our page here for further information. Please select either the price with VAT included or excluded, depending on your VAT status.

Full mobility scooter covers provide complete protection whenever you’re not using your scooter. This could be if you have to park your scooter outside on a shopping trip and want to protect it from rain. It could also be when you’re at home and your scooter is either outside or parked in the garage.

If it’s parked outside, it needs to be protected from all weather conditions, including extended periods of sunshine. It even needs protection when parked inside, although this is more from dust and being scratched. Look for a cover that has an elasticated bottom or a toggle that allows you to tighten the cover at the bottom. This protects the undercarriage and ensures the cover doesn’t blow away.

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