We provide 1 year of free insurance with every scooter.

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Providing the perfect scooter for your needs & helping
you to navigate the issues of mobility scooter ownership.

At Just Mobility, we help you get started with your new
scooter by providing a full year of free insurance, with key
cover and breakdown with every scooter purchased.

Providing Mobility Help & Advice

A mobility scooter can provide independence and freedom for many people with mobility issues or disabilities, whether you’re using your scooter for a trip to the local shops or taking it further afield to enjoy a ramble around the countryside.  We help you avoid the pitfalls of Mobility Scooter ownership, such as making sure you have adequate insurance.

We provide every customer who purchases a mobility scooter from us with a full years worth of free Mobility Scooter Insurance from Surewise to make sure they are fantastically well protected as they start enjoying their new equipment. This insurance also comes with both key and breakdown cover for extra peace of mind.

For most people using mobility scooters, travelling further distances to friends, family, and to other attractions requires the ability to fit your mobility scooter in your car boot.  While there are some car models with large enough boots to be adapted to suit a mobility scooter user  for most people, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is going to be the most accessible and convenient option for getting in and out of your car with your scooter or wheelchair.  Read more here.

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Find the perfect scooter for your needs in our collection. Featuring scooters from a wide range of brands throughout all available scooter categories.

Mobility Scooter Advice

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Mobility scooter covers

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