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Mobility scooter covers

You’ve got a mobility scooter and you want to keep it safe. Locking and alarm systems keep them safe from unsavoury characters when you’re out and about, but what about other destructive forces? What about the weather?

Exposure to rain, snow, wind, and sun can damage your mobility scooter to a serious degree. Your scooter isn’t even entirely safe if you keep it indoors. It’s recommended that you get a mobility scooter dust cover to prevent the mechanisms, including the controls on the display screen, from being clogged.

There are different types of covers, from basic mobility scooter seat covers to collapsible shelters, and from canopies to full-cover capes to keep you safe from the elements.

What should you look for in a cover?

You may be tempted to choose the cheapest cover because you store your scooter indoors and don’t use it in inclement weather. Bear in mind, however, that cheap covers made with cheap materials can tear easily when you take them off and put them on, and then it’s no good to man or beast.

Quality covers are made from heavy-duty materials; one such is Oxford fabric. Oxford fabric is a sturdy yet lightweight material made from waterproof nylon and polyester fabrics coated with urethane for extra protection. PVC lining adds a layer of waterproof and tear-resistant protection. A soft inner lining protects your mobility scooter from being scratched and UV layer protects against long-term sun damage.

Size is important. If you buy a size that is too small your scooter won’t get the full protection it deserves. If you buy a cover that is too big, is could be whipped around by the wind and also be pointless. Some covers fit several different sized scooters. To be sure that your get the right size you need to know your scooter’s length, width, and height.

You can also look out for an elastic hem, to secure the cover at the bottom, adjustable straps to keep the cover secure in high winds, and lock holes which enable you to lock the cover to the scooter so that it won’t be stolen.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of mobility scooter covers available in the UK

  1. Mobility scooter rain covers

They do what it says on the tin; they protect your scooter from getting wet in the rain. They go over the whole scooter and can either have an elastic fit at the bottom or they can be tightened at the bottom with a drawstring. This makes sure that the wheels and undercarriage are also protected and keeps the cover from flapping in the wind and blowing away in a gale.

You can get lightweight one-size-fits-all covers that offer minimum protection and are best for indoor storage. You can also upscale to heavy-duty mobility scooter covers designed for specific sizes and most inclement weather outdoors.

UK Care Guide recently published a list of the best mobility scooter covers for 2021. We’ll look at a few.


Features that made it the top mobility scooter rain cover include:

  • Drawstring: This allows an adjustable close fit at the bottom and means it can safely cover large and small scooters. It’s also easy to put on and take off.
  • Elastic hem: This provides extra security when your scooter is parked outside in inclement weather. It doesn’t interfere with ease-of-use, so it’s still easy to put on and take off.
  • Weight: It’s heavy-duty but not actually heavy. It’s user-friendly and folds up into a compact size that fits into a small storage bag, which you can easily carry with you.
  • All weather protection: The quality materials provide maximum protection from sun, wind, rain and snow, even rain and snow storms and gale-force winds.


Features that make it one of the best mobility scooters covers for outside include:

  • Heavy-duty, all-weather protection: It’s one of the best waterproof mobility scooter covers in the UK, providing excellent protection during rain and snow storms. It’s materials also provide excellent sunlight protection if your scooter is often parked or stored outdoors in spring and summer.
  • Weight: Even with the high level of protection the cover is light and user-friendly.
  • Double-stitched seams: Double-stitching provides double the seam strength, which ensures it doesn’t easily pull apart at the seams and it provides extra protection from rain and dust (and other small particles) which could penetrate single-stitch seams.
    Double-stitched seams and heavy-duty materials make it tear-resistant and helps prevent shrinking. They also provide extra protection against animals who repeatedly try to chew and tear the cover.
  • Size: It can be used to cover wheelchairs and large four-wheel scooters.
  • Elastic hem: It has an elastic hem to provide secure protection around the entire scooter. It also comes with a loose strap that secures the cover in high winds.


VTarp’s heavy duty cover has additional features, which we’ll look at:

  • Weather-resistant material: The cover has a layer of UV protection as well as layer of silver film for additional protection against strong weather.
  • Extra strength: The strong material is made even stronger with ultrasonic welded eyelets and reinforced joints.
  • 100% recyclable


  1. Mobility Scooter Shelters

A shelter is like tent for your scooter; something like a little drive-in garage to provide especially secure protection. It’s ideal if you live somewhere like the coast, which has an inherent rust risk or in a high-wind area. They have a stable frame and are attached to the ground – like a tent – so they unlikely to blow away. 


StormProtector shelters have features which include:

  • Frame: Rust-resistant
  • Size: Big enough for motorcycles and all-terrain mobility scooters
  • Security: In-built locking system with extra-large bolts
  • Material: Polyster with PVC makes the cover waterproof, dust-proof, and light-resistant and protects it against debris.
    Water ripple powder coating for added durability
  • Attachment: Velcro attaches the cover to the frame for security
  • Vents: Vents for air circulation. Vents are attached by Velcro and they can be easily covered when inclement weather makes it necessary.


  1. Mobility scooter covers or capes for riders and scooters

If you’re caught in the rain or absolutely have to go out in the wet, you need a cover or cape that protects you and all of your scooter. For example, a waterproof mobility scooter covers legs, arms, and neck. It also provides mobility scooter basket cover (front and back) and cover for wheels and other components.

Bramble Universal

There are several outstanding features for riders and scooters, including:

  • It’s safe to be used while driving
  • It fully covers you from your neck to the tips of your shoes. It also includes a hat or hood to keep your face and spectacles dry.
  • It’s 100% nylon, making it windproof and water-resistant. It protects you and your clothing from dirt or mud from puddles you splash through and which is kicked up by the rear wheels as you drive.
  • It has a clear plastic window so you can see and use the control panel and other road users can see your lights.
  • It’s suitable for small and large mobility scooters


  1. Mobility scooter canopy cover

A mobility scooter rain canopy cover is like the roof of a convertible, it unfolds from its position on the back of the seat to cover your head and the control panel. The sides also fold down so you have complete protection.

Like an umbrella, it can be used to provide shade from the sun and protection from rain and snow.

The entire canopy should have clear plastic on all sides so that you can see in every direction, and out of your periphery.

You can also get covers for the battery, charging equipment and other peripherals, so every part of your mobility scooter is covered.


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