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Deluxe Controls Covers
Deluxe Controls Covers

Deluxe Controls Covers


VAT Relief

This product qualifies for VAT exemption if the person who will use it is ‘chronically sick or disabled’ or if it is being bought by a charity. See our page here for further information. Please select either the price with VAT included or excluded, depending on your VAT status.

Deluxe mobility scooter control panel covers go a bit further than standard covers in that they don’t just protect the panel from rain and other damage that could be caused by inclement weather, they also protect your hands up to your wrists and lower arms. Deluxe covers are easy to put on and take off and can accommodate rear-view mirrors.

The clear panel means you can easily see all the controls and the manner in which the cover fits over your hands allows you to access the controls easily without worrying about leakage. The elasticated sleeves fit comfortably over your hands and arms, effectively sealing the cover to prevent leakage and keep your hands dry, not to mention warmer than if they didn’t have the extra cover for protection.

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